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Our bodies echo the trauma

Trauma is a disconnection from the self and a disconnection from the present moment. It is not necessarily the event that happened to us; it is what changed inside of us that makes our responses and reactions in the world more limited. This change gets in the way of our natural growth process.

“Trauma is not what happened to you. Trauma is what happens inside of you as a result of what happened to you.”

-Gabor Mate


What Is Trauma?

Trauma is the effect of our nervous system detecting a lack of safety in our environment. For example, when emotional or physical needs in our earliest years went unmet, we may have changed the way we responded to experiences that triggered emotional pain. Our body continues to perceive a lack of safety which we respond to, even in our adult capacity when we are safe. This may look like, being in a hyper-alert mode where we are worrying if we are good enough, if we said or did the wrong thing, or if people are against us.

The defences that worked well in our early years to maintain our attachments, may no longer serve us well as adults. We chose attachment over authenticity. We lose our ability to freely engage with others because we are protecting ourselves instead of connecting with them.

If you are experiencing:

Soulful Therapy can help you find healing and relief.


How Can Somatic Trauma Therapy Help?

Personal Growth

Therapy nourishes your personal growth, shedding light on old patterns and guiding you to rediscover yourself. Along the way, we celebrate your strengths and abilities, leading you on a path toward your highest potential.

Holistic Well-being

Our holistic approach to therapy encourages harmony and balance in all areas of life, emphasizing the interconnectedness of body, mind, and spirit. In nurturing each area, we can encourage healing and integration of your pain.

Heartfelt Connections

Throughout the process of healing, you can develop a greater sense of self-compassion and self-kindness that overflows into your relationships. This helps you to build deeper, more heartfelt connections with people you love.

Healing Past Hurts

Therapy can help you understand how past experiences have shaped the ways you cope with the effects of trauma. With this understanding, we can help you change and improve how you relate to the world.

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At Soulful Therapy, we facilitate healing using the following approaches:

Compassionate Inquiry is a sacred journey in healing, integration, and personal growth. It invites you to explore your emotions, beliefs, and past experiences with curiosity and empathy, free from judgment. We help you identify the root of your challenges, guiding you toward self-discovery, self-acceptance, and a deeper understanding of your true self.

Inner Child Integration is a powerful way to reconnect with and reparent the parts of you that are often triggered. This method gently guides you to feel your childhood emotions and experiences with all of your adult capacities. By doing this, you can integrate the earliest times when your needs went unmet, which continue to impact your current-day reactions, behaviours, and patterns. We offer a kind and safe place for you to accept yourself with compassion, and a peaceful way to attend to your inner child when you are triggered.

Inner Critic Healing is a nurturing process that helps you understand and calm the critical voice inside your head. This inner critic often stems from past experiences, societal pressures, or early caregivers’ influence. In this approach, we help you listen to this voice with kindness and understand where it comes from, usually from old fears or past experiences. By recognizing that this critical voice is trying to protect you in its own way, you can start to change how you respond to it.
Family of origin therapy explores your history, upbringing, and early family experiences in order to uncover generational patterns that you carry with you. It’s a journey that uncovers patterns, beliefs, and connections that shape your current behaviours, relationships, and emotional well-being. This understanding can guide you in recognizing how your family’s dynamics affect your life today, paving the way to heal past conflicts, traumas, and old patterns. This sacred path to self-discovery fosters personal growth and healthier relationships, allowing you to engage with yourself and your loved ones compassionately, free from the burdens of the past.
Somatic psychotherapy honours the deep connection between your mind and body and acknowledges that traumatic experiences can be held in the body, not just in thoughts or emotions. As you become more aware of these sensations in the body, you can attend to the needs that they are expressing and heal the physical and emotional impacts of your experiences. Through breathwork, body scanning, movement, focusing, and mindfulness, we integrate your bodily experiences with your emotional and mental processing, allowing you to release tension and gain profound insights, restoring balance and overall well-being.

Laura Farberman

Clinic Owner & Founder | RSW, MSW

Laura Farberman Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner in Ontario


Why Work With Soulful Therapy


When your inner-self speaks to your outward body it acts as the cornerstone for healing and self-discovery. The mind-body connection is about fostering a deeper link with your breath, inner child, and relationships. At Soulful Therapy, we take a gentle, integrative approach, to living in the moment and uncovering your true self.

Our Unique Approach Offers:


At Soulful Therapy, we want you to feel safe to explore your authentic self, be able to set boundaries that ensure your needs are met, and nurture the connection between your mind, body, and heart.


Through cultivating a sense of presence, we are able to help you take what you have learned in the session outside and use it in your day-to-day life with a mindful spirit.


Compassionate Inquiry gently helps you gain an acceptance of past experiences and foster a sense of self compassion. We encourage you to share and feel your true emotions at a deeper level, so you can live more joyfully.

Soulful Therapy Is Built On:


How Our Somatic Trauma Therapy Works

Working at an intuitive pace that is comfortable for you, each session is a gentle cycle of grounding, exploring, and fostering change that supports your journey.


Grounding &
Intention Setting

We begin each session by letting go of any distractions or worries, creating a focused space. Together, we'll clarify your intention for our time together.


Exploration &

We will explore your feelings and thoughts with a curious heart, helping to dig deeper to identify your core beliefs and to understand how certain perceptions or emotions first surfaced and how they’ve impacted your life.


Progress &
Lasting Change

We equip you with tools to help calm your nervous system, making it easier to identify and manage emotions as they arise. Over time, you will be able to implement these tools in your daily life, creating lasting, meaningful change.


Questions About Somatic Trauma Therapy

The time you’ll spend in Soulful Therapy is unique to you. Healing doesn’t follow a set schedule, and we take an intuitive approach, moving at a pace that is comfortable for you. Some people see positive changes quickly, while others take more time on their healing journey. Whatever your journey looks like, we’ll respect your pace and work together to ensure your growth is supported every step of the way.

Our somatic spiritual approach explores the profound connection between your mind, body, and soul. By paying attention to how your body reacts to emotions and thoughts, we can uncover the areas that need attending to the most. We can use techniques like mindful breathing and body scans to start healing by releasing tension and emotions stored in your body.

Soulful Therapy is a safe and judgment-free space that respects your spiritual beliefs. We aim for self-awareness, healing, and a more authentic life. We stay by your side on this journey, guided by your body’s wisdom, helping you find your way to well-being and inner peace.

We embrace both “big T” and “small t” traumas in our work. “Big T” traumas are like thunderstorms, while “small t” traumas are like quiet raindrops, subtle but persistent. When we unearth these “small t” traumas and understand how they’ve dimmed the light of your authentic self, true healing begins.

These subtle traumas, like unspoken hurts or the weight of expectations or needs that have gone unmet, can slowly alter your authentic self. Yet, in the gentle process of discovery and healing, we often witness profound soul transformations. As we embrace and nurture these less obvious wounds, you rediscover your inner strength and reclaim the self-compassion that leads to lasting change.

When anxiety takes hold between sessions, there are several things you can do to centre your mind and body. Start with deep, rhythmic breathing—inhale, hold, exhale.

Aromatherapy can add to the effectiveness of using lavender or chamomile. Be present with mindfulness, engaging your senses in the moment. Practice self-compassion, speaking to yourself as kindly as you would to a dear friend. Journaling can provide clarity, while positive affirmations and time in nature nurture your spirit. In our sessions, we can explore these strategies in more detail so that when anxiety rises, you feel prepared to address it and effectively find a calm place.

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How Healing Can Look With Somatic Trauma Therapy

Your healing journey is unique and happens at your own pace, and changes come as different parts of you are ready for healing. Over time, you’ll develop a kinder relationship with yourself, experiencing growth and self-compassion. While we can’t predict exact outcomes or timelines, each session aims to provide something meaningful for you.

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